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We are committed to growing, evolving and learning with the Agile community in Malaysia.

Agile Circles Malaysia is a community specifically for those looking to learn and share their Agile (WOW) ways of working. We launched in 2020 and have been co-sharing online events with the Agile Circles community in Singapore. In 2021 we look forward to hosting meetup’s in person, when it’s safe. Meanwhile keep up to date with all our upcoming events and blogs by joining our Agile Circles Malaysia Facebook, Linkedin Groups and subscribing to Meetup for future event invites.

AgileCircles Malaysia

Agile Circles Malaysia is part of a greater community – with Agile Circles also in Singapore and Indonesia sponsored and organised by Ekipa Consultancy.

Feel free to follow and join any of their meetup communities also.



Upcoming Events

The next event will be in 2021 – join a group above for a notification.

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