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How to get started on your Agile Transformation journey with Ekipa Consultancy Malaysia

Agile Transformation journey with Ekipa Consultancy

Gretel: Good Morning, or Good Afternoon to you depending on when you are watching this, thank you for joining us – I’d like to start with an Introduction to some of the EKIPA Consultancy team today. I am Gretel Darby an Agile Consultant and also the lead for our Marketing & Events squad at Ekipa […]

Things you should know About Agile and Innovation

Lean Startup Training Malaysia

I’m reading Eric Ries, ‘The Startup Way’ for the second time. The book strikes me as one of the best books about ‘modern enterprise management every written. I did an MBA and read loads of (old) books about management. In today’s volatile market, disrupted by startups and technological innovations, we need a new paradigm. Managers […]