How Agile you are? Know your Maturity level with our free Agile Maturity Assessment tool

Agility has been continuing in the trend for quite a long time and a lot of Organizations have been already moving to the Agile way of working. Do you think your organization is adopting agile methodology in the right way or if you are in the path of transformation, do you have any idea where do you stand right now and where you want to reach ? If not, our Agile Maturity Assessment tool will help you on this.

After a few years of transformation most of the organizations doesn’t measure their agility by any means ? In order to maximize the benefit of being agile it’s really important that we monitor and adapt some practices continuously. Also if you are planning for a transformation it’s really important to know where do you stand right now so that you can clearly design you pathway to Agile. That is why we at Ekipa has developed a unique and comprehensive way of measuring your agile maturity with our Agile Maturity Assessment Tool so that you could know your Agile Scores and define your action plans accordingly to improve your score.

How it works ?

Based on 4 Categories & 5 Levels of Agile Maturity

  • People
  • Process
  • Structure
  • Tools

5 Levels of Agile

Based on the Ekipa Agile Maturity Assessment score the Agile maturity of an organization can be identified in 5 levels as given in the figure below:

five levels of agile maturity

Based on the different levels, we have designed specific coaching needs to enable the teams to go to the next level. Our detailed assesment report will provide insights into where you are today, reinforce where you have come from, and give you an idea where you are going.

agile maturity assessment levels

Why to use our Agile Maturity Assessment Tool ?

The main purpose of the Ekipa Agile Maturity Assessment Tool is to evaluate the agility health for an organization or team. Ekipa Agile Maturity Assessment Tool can be used to:

  • Set transformation goals for your team or your organization
  • Monitor progress
  • Get the team in cohesion regarding agile development. This includes: Agile Coaches, team members, managers, and senior leadership.

So what are you waiting for ? Let’s take take some time to know How agile you are and we shall help you to aggregate, summarize and make recommendations in a detailed report along with a free consultation from one of our Experts.

To know more about our Agile Maturity Assessment Tool please visit our page here.

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